What’s Your Score?

Dozens of health-conscious people ‘know their numbers’ after visiting Express Medicals’ stand at this November’s CIPD show in Manchester.

Those, keen to find out more had a basic health check. Our team explained how simple medicals and fuss-free testing can help companies to create effective and efficient occupational health strategies. Furthermore, we were promoting our ‘Know Your Numbers’ tests. Those include collate, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and other testings to help identify trends in staff health.

“We had a really enjoyable show and were able to meet dozens of people, keen to talk about the hot topics in occupational health,” explained Mat Gilliver, Express Medicals’ Sales Manager. “We talked about current best practice and have already had follow-up requests for meetings. 

“We’re a UK-owned and operated company which is tried and trusted in our field. Furthermore, our ‘Know Your Numbers’ testing is very popular, and we had lots of inquiries about our drug and alcohol testing.”

Visitors certainly enjoyed the chance to chat with qualified medical staff on the stand. Meanwhile CIPD’s excellent logistics support meant we could concentrate on meeting and talking to visitors during the event.

For more information contact us under 020 7500 6900 or view our homepage.