Drug and Alcohol Testing and Medicals

When your business depends on your reputation, you’ll choose Express Medicals as your trusted partner.

Every year we deliver more than 70,000 trusted medical tests and drug and alcohol services through our UK-wide network of clinics and our clients’ places of work, in the UK and internationally.

We’ve built our reputation on our integrity and the integrity of our results.

We work with thousands of people every year, designing individual and corporate programmes to keep staff fit and healthy at work, both physically and mentally.

At Express Medicals our expert consultants help you understand, develop and deliver effective wellbeing policies that work in the workplace.

You can trust us to assess potential and current employees to make sure they’re healthy in body and mind, so your workplaces, customers and the general public are safer and more secure.

Express Medicals’ drug and alcohol testing and medical services are flexible, timely and sensitive, with the level of reassurance you need, when you need it most.

Why test?

In the US, more than four in five companies routinely test staff for a range of health issues, including drug and alcohol testing – with one third of them random testing in the workplace.

Figures in the UK are lower – but rising fast.

While UK law doesn’t prescribe testing in every sector, many companies already enjoy the benefits of regular programmes with:

  • a more productive, safer workforce
  • enhanced reputation and ratings through demonstrable commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • a unique selling point against competitors when bidding for work
  • lower insurance premiums as trusted employers

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