We’re open to support you

London clinic remains open

Special arrangements for income-critical assessments

Many assessments now available online

Bookings open on 0207 500 6900

Express Medicals is proud to support your workers’ occupational health while you provide essential services across the UK.

We now offer management referral by Zoom or phone consultation with one of our doctors or Express Medicals’ own Occupational Health Advisors for any member of your staff who needs this service. In our experience, remote consultation is suitable for more than 90% of the cases we see.

We are also offering appointments at our London clinic in Canada Water for the majority of our assessments that need face-to-face consultation. We will not be offering our blood test or vaccination services at present, following government guidelines on social distancing. Our London clinic has easy, dedicated parking and strictly enforced standards on social distancing with staff and candidates. If any candidate urgently needs a medical of any kind that cannot be done by telephone because we have not seen them before and it is critical to their income, they can come to our London clinic for a specific, managed appointment which must be booked in advance.

We are also offering a wide range of assessments online for candidates who we have previously seen, ideally in the past 12 months – although in some cases that timeframe can be extended further back. We can combine data from previous assessments with your new information, so we are able to assess remotely for a similar requirement e.g someone with existing ‘Safety Critical’ assessment now needing a ‘Fitness For Task’.

Assessments available online include:

  • Airside Driver
  • Comprehensive
  • Confined Space and BA
  • Confined Space
  • Crane Driver
  • Forklift
  • Fitness for Task
  • Management Referrals
  • Night Shift Worker
  • Nurse/healthcare Worker
  • Office Worker
  • OGUK with or without Fit to Train
  • Plant Operator
  • All questionnaire only medicals e.g. wellbeing, fitness for task, office worker
  • Risk assessment for new expectant mothers
  • Safety Critical
  • Skin assessments (by Zoom consultation only, following social distancing guidelines)
  • Tower Crane
  • Working at Heights
  • HAVS 1,2 questionnaire
  • HAVS 3 and 4
  • RSC Silica
  • Periodic Train Driver
  • Train Movements
  • Irish Rail
  • DLR Medical
  • HS2 non-Sentinel
  • Duplicate Yellow Fever certificate

We will need employers or candidates to provide us with a written declaration that nothing has changed since the past assessment. All assessments will all be carried out with the understanding that candidates will need to return for the physical assessment as soon as possible (currently within three months, depending on PHE/ Government advice).

At the time of booking, we will need: Name, Date of Birth or National Insurance Number to access old reports. We will also need the email address and phone number of the candidate.  

For all train drivers using this service, you MUST inform ORR about which drivers are still driving without having had full assessment and which drivers are not driving, as per guidance in the https://orr.gov.uk/coronavirus-advice.

For telephone or video assessments, we will take verbal consent and send out a consent form by email to the candidate.

Thank you for working with Express Medicals and we look forward to a continued partnership for a safe and healthy 2020.

Dr Dan Hegarty