The Life of a New Account Manager at Express Medicals by Joe Richardson

My first month at Express Medicals

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the interview process I was still quite apprehensive to start my new role as an account manager at Express Medicals. As naturally, the human mind is always a little cautious to the ‘unknown’.

However, my apprehension was soon swept aside when our Commercial Manager Rory Evans welcomed me into the business. We sat down, had a coffee and a general chit-chat. He told me that there was no pressure and that I should feel comfortable to develop at my own pace and enjoy the learning process. This immediately made me feel at ease.

Rory then took me around the business and introduced me to the different departments. After meeting everyone I knew that this is very much a peoples company, where everyone is genuine and gets on well as a team.

During my first month here I’ve worked closely with the senior account managers Harvey and Hayley, who have been extremely helpful. I learned a lot from them in a short time. Furthermore, I always felt comfortable asking questions however silly they might be. I made the experience that they would always go out of their way to help.

My first success at Express Medicals

I’ve been given responsibility from the outset taking over a number of accounts within my first month. I have recently set up and attended my first client meeting and it was a great experience. To be involved in a client meeting and to gain insight into what kind of questions clients may have before signing a contract was amazing. Rory assisted me with the client’s questions and together we successfully gained some new business.

There are little quirks at this workplace that make it very special.

For example, our CEO Dan Hegarty makes it his business to walk around to all the departments and check up on all members of staff. From previous experience, it is usually the staff chasing the manager or CEO around the building to get a minute of their time. At Express Medicals it is different – this gives all employees a real sense of value and transparency throughout the business.
Furthermore, the company offers fruit and snack weeks, giving us the opportunity to order our favourite fruits or snacks. In the Sales and Marketing department we enjoy ‘foursies’ where we take a break from work at four o’clock to indulge in healthy snacks. This fosters teamwork and gives us energy to continue the day.

New ways of working

As a Sales Consultant and coming from a fast-paced, competitive sales environment it was refreshing coming into a relaxed but professional atmosphere. At Express Medicals, all departments work together to ensure the best results. In addition, it is clear to see the management has complete faith and trust in their employees. Overall, all staff can manage their own time.

Everyone made me feel welcome and I look forward to growing within Express Medicals!