COVID-19 clinic-based testing now open

Timed same-day appointments in London and Manchester

Our COVID-19 clinic-based testing service is now live in London. Our Canada Water clinic has free onsite customer parking. We’re open in Manchester from Monday May 18.

What are the tests?

The finger-prick blood tests are administered by our own in-house clinicians using full safety protocols.  You’ll receive results in 15 minutes with certified confirmation via email within 48 hours.

Who can attend?

Anyone who:

  • might have had COVID-19 virus but who has not had a test to confirm that fact
  • might been close to someone with the virus, but has remained asymptomatic
  • wants confirmation of their COVID-19 status on the day of the test.

What will the tests tell me?

Point of Collection finger-prick test devices can tell you if you are in the mid to late stages of infection with IgM antibodies becoming detectable after 5 to 7 days.

IgG becomes positive 10-14 days after the onset of symptoms.

 These testing kits, by indicating the presence of IgM and / or IgG antibodies, will tell you if you are in the early, mid or later stages of infection with COVID-19. The result will indicate if you are likely to be still be infectious or, whether it is likely that you are developing immunity, having recovered from a COVID-19 infection. The scientific evidence is not yet available to confirm how long immunity usually lasts. Our scientific advisors are constantly reviewing the latest research findings. Early indications are that IgG persists for beyond 2 months and that some immunity is probable.

It is important to note the following. If the result of your test is negative, then you will be advised to re-attend for a second test 7 days later. This is because antibodies against COVID-19 may not be detectable during the early phase of infection.

If you are without symptoms, then it is likely that the second test will also be negative.

If you do have any symptoms (for example, persistent cough, raised temperature), then you will be advised to self-isolate during the next 7 days and before the second test. The result in this case might be negative or positive for antibodies.

Will someone be able to explain the results to me?

Our onsite clinical team is also on hand to answer your questions and help with explanations, and we have some information leaflets to help you understand your results.

How do I book?

Ring our bookings team on 0207 500 6900 and they’ll book your appointment and confirm it with you by email. We currently have same-day appointments available in London. Our London clinic is open from 8.30am to 5pm. Manchester is open from May 18 from 9am – 4pm.

How much is the test?

Our clinic-based test plus certificate is £60 per test ex VAT. You can pay by personal credit card or, if you are making a block booking on behalf of a company, please refer to your usual booking and accounts process with Express Medicals.

Where do I go?

Our London clinic is based at Canada Water with free onsite parking for customers. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and wash your hands on arrival to keep our staff safe. We operate according to government safety guidelines and have a socially distanced reception area.

Express Medicals has been established for more than 23 years. Our CE-marked COVID-19 kits are approved for professional use by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency for use in our clinics.

Important Disclaimer: We do not accept any responsibility for those who misuse this information or for any diagnosis made or action taken as a result of reading the information. The candidate assumes sole responsibility for decisions made using these results. Although we have made our best effort to ensure all information as part of this process is accurate, we are not liable for any incorrect information, errors or incorrect results.