So, you’ve introduced a drug and alcohol policy into your company – but what’s next?

It is important to provide specific training for managers and supervisors so that they are confident in recognising the effects of drugs and alcohol within the workplace. Ultimately, it will be the front line managers and supervisors who will oversee the operation of the policy.

It’s imperative to set out why the policy is being introduced, and what it’s objectives are – it is equally important not to assume that employees know the risks and implications of drug and alcohol in the workplace.

Course objectives

  • Provide an in-depth understanding of the issues of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
  • Spotting and knowing the signs of drug or alcohol misuse can be difficult to identify so we help managers/supervisors identify usage of alcohol and drugs in individuals.
  • To give managers support in dealing with their concerns in managing issues. For example, how should they approach an individual under suspicion of drug or alcohol misuse?
  • We also provide an overview of the testing process.

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