Delivering the right tools for the job

We understand that some clients wish to introduce ‘in-house’ Chain of Custody Collection Officers. We offer a comprehensive training course to ensure that in-house collectors can confidently complete their job.

Our training follows the guidelines of the European Workplace Drug Testing Society. This ensures that all trained collectors are fully aware of the responsibilities and requirements to be carried out in accordance with professionally accepted practices, which importantly withstands defence against a tribunal or in a court of law.

Course Content

  • Role and responsibilities of Collection Officers
  • Understanding the  ‘Chain of  Custody Process’
  • Understanding the issues of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace
  • Practical training in the use of ‘breath test’ equipment (breathalysers)
  • Collection protocols
  • Practical testing processes, preparation of testing sites, correct use of collection equipment
  • Advice on dealing with potential issues when carrying out collections

On completion of training, delegates will be expected to complete both a theory and practical examination.

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