Occupational health services for industry and business

Employers have an increasingly onerous responsibility to ensure good governance. This includes meeting an array of European and UK health and safety directives and laws, aside from industry-specific protocols, standards and regulations.

We can advise and support you in the implementation of an occupational health screening and wellbeing programme that will provide your company with the assurance that all necessary obligations are met.

Our occupational health (OH) team can help to protect the physical and psychological wellbeing of your workforce, supporting your efforts to boost morale and benefit workplace motivation.

Case management / Sickness absence management

Employees with extended/frequent periods of sickness absence or with specific health problems which are impacting on their ability to safely undertake duties, should be referred to us for an independent expert medical opinion.


Stress is the commonest reason for being absent from work and it impacts on the workplace by affecting morale and thus productivity. A stress audit will provide management with evidence as to whether stress is a problem in your company and, if so, how big a problem? Counselling can be an effective approach to many stress-related issues and is available for both groups and individuals. We work with a nationwide network of counsellors and always strive to match an individual with a selected counsellor of appropriate experience. We believe that nourishing psychological wellbeing is just as important as looking after the physical health and safety of the workforce. We can arrange a selection of wellbeing days, wellbeing challenges and activities to help support morale and enhance your staff’s feelings of being valued.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a powerful tool that helps managers and employees through the provision of counselling and advice covering a wide variety of work and personal issues. EAPs are now the UK’s most frequently provided employee benefit and are regarded as a core component in many organisations’ staff wellbeing and absence management strategies.

Our approach focuses on the delivery of a holistic wellbeing service, integrating the EAP into an organisation’s existing HR and employee support mechanisms, including occupational health. Our aim is to align an EAP as a “spoke in the wheel” of an integrated wellbeing package for our customers on behalf of their staff.

Our objective is to effectively manage risk for our customers. We believe that one of the core roles of an EAP is to support HR (and other) managers in the effective management of both stress-related sickness absence and underperformance in the workplace. Our EAP solutions will not only help to reduce sickness absence levels, but will be a very effective HR resource in supporting staff to achieve an early return to work in the face of a wide variety of physical, psychological, emotional and behavioural challenges.

Health Surveillance, Health and Biological Monitoring

Our experienced team can support you in implementing a comprehensive programme to ensure that your company meets all its legal obligations.

We can advise you of pertinent European directives, UK occupational health laws and regulations.

Our team can work alongside your own health and safety professionals and you can be confident that your company will benefit from the very best occupational health practices.

We are very experienced in running health surveillance programmes. Examples are:-

  • HAVS (Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome and any associated CTS/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Hearing: (audiometry / hearing tests)
  • Lead Blood Tests
  • Respiratory Monitoring (breathing tests)
  • Skin Monitoring

We keep up-to-date  with all the pertinent regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to ensuring best practice and robust governance.

Occupational Hygiene

Our occupational health service is about understanding the value of preventative medicine and holistic care. And so we often work alongside occupational hygienists as part of a team approach.

Occupational hygienists are scientifically trained to undertake risk and exposure assessments with a view to preventing occupational illnesses (eg: as a consequence of exposure to chemical substances in the workplace). They are experts at recognising, evaluating and controlling workplace risks.

We can manage the occupational hygiene aspects of your occupational health services from the start to finish of a project.

An initial occupational health assessment of the workplace will identify any actual or potential risks. A robust set of controls will then be instigated to protect the workforce from all hazards.


Musculoskeletal problems constitute the second commonest reason for being absent from work. Causes range from defective lifting techniques by manual workers through to poor posture by office workers at their desks.

Physiotherapy is an important approach in treating musculoskeletal injuries and ensuring a rapid period of recovery and rehabilitation and hence a successful return to work.

Express Medicals’ OH team can arrange prompt and professional physiotherapy via a nationwide network of registered physiotherapists.

Travel Health

The Express Medicals travel health team is very experienced in advising and supporting companies whose staff are required to work abroad.

We are aware that some individuals find working abroad a daunting challenge and we understand that different regions of the world pose differing risks for visiting workers.

Our team’s advice will not only ensure that your staff have been given the correct travel health advice, but it will also reinforce your company’s approach to ensuring that wellbeing is always at the top of the agenda for overseas workers.

Our travel services include:

  • Advice pertinent to the country / countries to be visited
  • Anti-malarial medication
  • Blood tests
  • Post-travel assessments
  • Pre-travel assessments
  • Vaccinations

Our aim is always to support companies in helping to reduce the risks that can accompany overseas assignments.

Vaccinations and Blood Tests

We offer a wide range of vaccinations and blood tests to suit your business needs. Please call our OH team to discuss further.

Yellow Fever

Express Medicals’ National Centre, in London, is a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and has been authorised by the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) – a regulatory body for England, Wales and Northern Ireland – to administer yellow fever vaccines in accordance with The International Health Regulations 2005.

Please note that Express Medicals cannot provide vaccination services to anyone under the age of 18.


To find out more about our occupational health services or to talk to one of our OH team get in touch.