Occupational health services for your business

Companies that focus on supporting their employees often enjoy a range of benefits, from increase staff retention levels, to reduced sickness leave.

At Express Medicals, we’re proud to work with some of the world’s top employers to deliver a range of occupational health services to keep staff fit in mind, body and spirit.

Our reporting tools mean you’ll have access to data on how fit and well your employees are – and what you can do to improve well-being and wellness in your workplace.

We stay ahead of the market to offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Physiotherapy*
  • Counselling*
  • Vaccinations
  • Blood tests
  • Travel clinics
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Health surveillance and biological monitoring

To find out more about being proactive, not reactive in occupational health, get in touch.

*These services are outsourced to an approved third party provider.