Express Medicals is a doctor-led company. We deliver the highest quality occupational health services, using in-house staff and industry specific medical experts. You’ll always have access to advice from someone who knows.

For 23 years, we’ve worked with a wide range of public and private sector organisations to provide:

  • Standard medical testing for pre and post-offer employment
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Well-being and mental health services including in-house assessments, campaigns and education

We have unrivalled expertise in working to Network Rail, TfL/London Underground, Crossrail and Docklands Light Rail standards. And we work hard to make sure our work is compliant with all legislation and current codes of practice for your sector, and including human rights, data protection and access to medical records.

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We are experts in the rail-industry medical testing and compliance – one of the most rigorous programmes in the world. That experience means we can apply the highest quality standards to the other sectors with whom we work.

If you’re recruiting from overseas, it’s often more cost-effective for our staff to travel for you, to pre-assess potential employees about to travel to the UK to work. We aspire to be market leaders in rail-industry medical services and compliance, meeting some of the most rigorous programmes in the world. This experience means we can apply the highest quality standards to the other sectors with whom we work.


Express Medicals’ extensive experience in the rail and construction industry has made us the ‘go to’ medical testing organisation for a wide variety of companies. We were one of the first programmes to register with Constructing Better Health, the not-for-profit membership scheme helping the construction industry to maintain a fit and healthy workforce and are now working with its successor body to develop and deliver high quality standards for the 21st century.

Healthcare services

We work with a range of organisations dedicated to taking care of their employees’ mental and physical wellbeing. Working in the healthcare sector is stressful and demanding. Our consultancy experience in this sector can help set out policies and programmes to support staff. Our medical testing can help with early intervention and care.


The manufacturing sector was one of the earliest adopters of medical testing and wellness services. Companies know that staff who are impaired by stress, illness or alcohol or drug use can cause accidents that cost lives.


Express Medicals has an unrivaled pedigree in the rail industry with more than a decade of daily medicals for companies who need to comply with some of the world’s most rigorous legislation and the demanding standards set by railway operators.


We work with recruiters and head hunters to pre-screen candidates for a range of positions, offering discreet and reliable testing services through our range of clinics UK-wide and our mobile onsite team.


Companies whose employees handle money, hold keys, deal with customers and clients face to face and manage inventory seek reassurance from our health monitoring and testing programmes. We work to ensure workers’ rights are maintained while company wellness is safeguarded too.


Companies who need to ensure their staff are safe choose Express Medicals. It’s like having a trusted MOT mechanic on hand for your staff. Express Medicals has been providing Personal Track Safety (PTS) medical services, alongside including drug and alcohol tests to the railway sector for more than 23 years, and has unrivalled expertise of this area of occupational medicine. We work as industry partners, advising on policies and delivering trusted and defensible assessments and tests.

Our <ahref="">chief medical officer has over 30 years’ experience of railway medicine and was a founding member, having been both chairman and secretary, of ARIOPS and has worked as CMO for a number of passenger rail companies.

All our medical staff have a detailed understanding of the standards and protocols in providing rail medicals and acting as MROs (Medical Review Officers) in evaluating drug & alcohol test results with respect to the infrastructures of major rail providers such as Network Rail, London Underground/Transport for London (TfL), Docklands Light Rail (DLR) and Crossrail. Our doctors are also all registered as practitioners with the ORR (Office of Rail and Road).

If you’re a railway worker in need of a PTS medical get in touch to find out more.

Our drug and alcohol team provides a full range of assessment and testing services to the railway sector. Testing available: pre-employment, pre-placement, random, for cause and post incident.

Our drug and alcohol services are supported by a 24-hour medication advice service.

Utilities & Energy

In these safety sensitive industries, companies have a responsibility to ensure their staff are secure and free from harm. The potential for accidental harm includes falls from heights, exposure to chemicals, electrocution or inhalation of dangerous gases. Our work with individual workers and the companies that procure their services maintains excellent safety records.