Who’s putting up your second tent?

In the mid-1990s, France was one of the first countries in the world to adopt a revolutionary approach for the aftermath of terrorist attacks and disasters. In addition to a medical field hospital or triage post, the French crisis response includes setting up a psychological field unit.

Since France led the way more than 20 years ago, international playbooks for disaster response increasingly call for this two-tent approach: one for the wounded and one to treat the invisible, psychological wounds of stressed situations and trauma.

Let us help set up your second tent.

Express Medicals, one of the UK’s most trusted occupational health providers has launched a COVID-19 specific mental health programme specifically designed to help you and your staff – for immediate help, and for the aftermath of the COVID-19 attack.

Research from countries coming out of lockdown now shows:

  • 28 percent of people who were quarantined with children warranted a diagnosis of “trauma-related mental health disorder”
  • Personal productivity for those back at work has gone down by 35%
  • 25 percent of people responded to their changed circumstances in a way that was ‘high resilient’. The rest didn’t.

In the UK we’ll also face the challenge of bringing back staff who were furloughed, to work with those who weren’t, as well as a whole range of unseen factors, including recent bereavement, relationship breakdown and undiagnosed physical symptoms by those too fearful to contact the NHS.

Our COVID-19 Express Wellness programme is the ‘other front line’: responsive, flexible and hard working to keep you and your staff mentally healthy.

Express Wellness includes:

  • one-to-one specialist coaching for senior managers and C-suite executives
  • live interactive webinars and workshops
  • pre-recorded webinars for company-wide distribution
  • lifestyle consultation days.

Our mental health services have been developed with our long-term trusted partners Sue Firth, business psychologist, broadcaster and author, and Westfield Health specifically to help you and your business to emerge and evolve from COVID-19 in good all-round shape.

For more information on this package contact us today at workhealth@expressmedicals.co.uk.