Drugs and alcohol: How safe do you feel?

At Express Medicals, we believe in prevention, rather than cure.

When it comes to threats to our safety, what comes to mind? Is it natural disasters, terror, crossing the road?

We often fail to consider what’s on our doorstep as we go on with our daily lives and work routine.

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New January Weekend Opening

Express Medicals’ London clinic will be open on the 13 and 27 January (9am-1pm for medical assessments and drug and alcohol testing), making it even easier for you to fit in appointments round your work hours.

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Roadside Breathalyser

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first roadside use of the Breathalyser.

Express Medicals’ scientific adviser, Dr Simon Davis BSC PhD explores the history of this ground-breaking technology that’s trusted by the courts.

 50 years of alcohol breathalysers – an occupational health revolution

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