Point of Care ‘Instant’ Testing Kits

For instant and efficient drug screening, you can rely on our Point of Care Testing kits (POCTs).

They’re designed with you in mind, providing rapid results which support quick business decisions.

Our POCTs provide you with the choice of either urine or saliva screening. They’re compact and easy to use in any workplace or at any one of our 15 clinics across the UK.

Using our POCTs screening results will be ‘immediately’ available to you. In the instance of a ‘non-negative’ result (which suggests the presence of one or more of the substances being screened for), we can provide you with the option of further analysis at our laboratory.

Drug abuse is a fact of modern-day life in the UK. Commonly used drugs include opiates, cannabis and cocaine. Our POCTs screen for these and many other drugs.

Our POCTs services include;

  • Provision of urine or saliva kits
  • Educational and training seminars and workshops
  • Dedicated account management

If you’d like to learn more about point of care testing, get in touch.