We recommend you use Point of Care Test kits when you need fast results to support your business decisions.

We sell two types of PoCTs

  • Kits that test for antibodies (IgM/IgG) to COVID-19, using a finger-prick of blood.

How will COVID-19 antibody tests help me and my business?

Because the results are available in minutes, you will be supported in making rapid business decisions. Our clinicians and scientific team are available to advise you. Our supporting materials include printed information and an online training course devised with our scientific advisers at Imperial College, London.

These kits are part of our package especially designed to help employers create and maintain a safe COVID-19 working environment.

In line with current guidance, COVID-19 PoCT kits are only to be used by professionals and are not for home use by individuals. A professional can be either a trained medical professional (technician, doctor or nurse) or a designated person within a company who has completed our certified online training course.

  • Kits that test for drugs, using saliva or urine.

They screen for a range of substances including ecstasy, opiates, cannabis or cocaine.

Results are available within minutes to help you make rapid decisions on possible drug misuse which might affect staff or public safety.

All kits are suitable for use in your workplace and are supported by training and advice from our clinical experts who can help you interpret your results. Our PoCTs can also be administered by your staff.

We also offer PoCT drug tests, administered by our health professionals, through our network of 15 clinics in the UK or onsite.

Please get in touch for more information, pricing and delivery times.