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We are experts in drug and alcohol testing, providing 100% legally defensible results exactly when and where you need them for almost a quarter of a century.

If you’re operating in a field where safety is critical, it is vital that your drug and alcohol policy protects your employees, the public and your business.

Accidents caused by your staff who may be working under the influence of intoxicating substances can be dangerous, even deadly, and may make you liable to costly lawsuits.

Drug and alcohol abuse can also be costly for white collar workplaces – substance abuse is detrimental to productivity, staff attendance, morale and can affect your company’s reputation.

Methods of Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Lab testing
    The most reliable and accurate method testing, where samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis. Results may be provided as quickly as the next working day and are 100% legally defensible. We lab test urine, saliva, or hair.
  • Instant testing
    Point-of-contact testing can provide instant results for screening purposes. The tests, administered correctly by appropriately trained personnel, are highly reliable and accurate. Non-negative results may be sent back to laboratory for confirmation. Express Medicals can provide immediate results testing urine or saliva.
  • Breathalyser
    Simple breath test for alcohol, providing instant readings of the levels of alcohol in the breath – the upper acceptable limit to be dictated by your industry or company policy.

Get in touch to discuss the types of drug testing methods with our experts.

Types of Drug and Alcohol Screening

Depending on the specific requirements of your company or industry, our range of testing services can support any of the following types of screening:

  • Pre-employment
    Tests are carried out before a new starter joins your company, for when results will be considered when assessing a candidate’s suitability for a new job
  • Pre-appointment
    Test are carried out when an employee is transferred, promoted, or seconded, where results may be considered when assessing a candidate’s suitability for a new role
  • Unannounced/random
    A minimum percentage of the workforce is randomly tested, without advance notice
  • For cause
    For occasions where a manager or supervisor may have reasons to believe an employee is unfit for work due to drugs or alcohol,
  • Post-incident
    Tests are carried out following an incident that either caused or had the potential to cause, serious harm, to ascertain whether the employee responsible was incapacitated by drugs or alcohol

Experts in Occupational Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our tests can be tailored to the standards required of any industry or sector. Examples include for the standards of National Grid, Network Rail, Transport for London, Crossrail, HS2.

  • National Grid
  • Network Rail
  • Transport for London
  • Crossrail
  • HS2

We can meet the standards required by individual companies and can advise on best practices in the introduction and application of testing regimes.

Drug and Alcohol Policy Consultants

Whether you’re in the process of creating your policies, or you’re looking for guidance to improve the scope, Express Medicals can provide specialist advice or consultancy to ensure it is in line with current legislation and assures the safety of your employees and the public.

Drug and Alcohol Training

The objective of our drug and alcohol training is to provide managers with an understanding of the issues of drug & alcohol in the workplace, to help them identify usage by individuals and to provide support in dealing with managing concerns.