Our time at Express Medicals

By Julia Griessler and Catharina Chalupa

We decided to apply for a marketing internship at Express Medicals as soon as we got the heads up that they were hiring. Our first day at Express Medicals was February, 19th and after 3 fantastic months we are now completing our internship in London.

It was great coming from University into such a dynamic team and putting into practise what we learned at into Express Medicals. The team were very welcoming, and the working environment at Express Medicals is incredibly good.

We took a tour around the business and were introduced the different departments. And even though we only worked part time, we still felt very welcomed and enjoyed meeting everyone.

Our roles

We worked in the Marketing & Sales department and were able to learn a lot, not just from our Commercial Manager Rory Evans, but from the whole team at Express Medicals.

Our tasks included analysing different Marketing Channels, including the Website, competitors pages, Social Media and so much more. Furthermore, our work on the Website and Blog has given us confidence with our own published work.

It wasn’t only great to work in the company, but it was also interesting to see the cause the company is working for.

We realised the importance of Occupational Health at our time here. Seeing first-hand how well-being assessments can improve motivation and foster productivity brings a healthy lifestyle.

To conclude…

We really appreciate the opportunity of working for the company and wish you all the best for the future.

Our working experience at Express Medicals was great. It taught us a lot about teamwork and real work experience. Thank you for the incredible experience to the entire Express medicals team.

Express Medicals is one of the UK’s leading independent occupational health companies with over 23 years’ experience. We provide medical testing, drug and alcohol testing and well-being and mental health services.
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