Occupational Health at Express Medicals

At Express Medicals we care about your staff’s health and well-being. Looking after your staff has many benefits, including increased retention levels as well as minimum sickness leave. We are proud to be a reliable partner for our customers to keep their staff fit in mind, body and spirit.

Express Medicals’ delivery model allows us to minimise disruption to your business while maximising your productivity. Therefore, to achieve this, we offer the following services to you and your employees:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Vaccinations and blood tests
  • Travel clinics
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Health surveillance and biological monitoring
  • Legal updates to keep you and your staff compliant with latest legislation

Our main goal is to increase employee motivation, to boost your productivity and ultimately your profitability. We help you conform to health and safety legislation as well as creating an increased public image of your company. We are helping you to become an attractive employer.

Express Medicals delivers more than 80,000 trusted medical assessments a year. Additionally, we offer all our services throughout our UK-wide network of 15 clinics. If needed we also operate onsite at our customer’s locations to ensure a smooth integration of our services.

Moreover, we created a short video for you to be up-to-date on what’s expected or desired from you as an employer in the UK.

To find out more about our occupational health services please visit our homepage or get in touch!