I was delighted to answer the call from Express Medicals Limited looking for specialist input as part of ‘Stress Awareness Week’. One of their clients, Dragados, had asked for a speaker to help everyone understand the subject of stress, what it does and how to tackle it.

It was an early start at Bank underground station: the talks started at 7.30am. Their questions and interaction were fascinating – here I’m revisiting some of the key points I made, so that you can read what I covered too.

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The fun of walking



When many of us think of exercise we think of sports, the typical but structured process of a regular routine, either where we join other people or work out in the gym on our own. This requires a lot of effort and often doesn’t suit us all.

Instead, think in terms of the simple process of moving more often. Many of us are far more sedentary than is good for us, but if the idea of going to a gym doesn’t appeal, or organised sport feels too much of a commitment, aim for something simpler.

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The deadly sound of silence

Mike Stallard, non-executive director, Express Medicals tells the story of his health incident as a warning to others

I was very lucky in more ways. When the chance to retire came in my mid-50s, I grabbed the opportunity. I had longed to move to France, so a dream came true. So here I was, having a relaxing meal in a French restaurant with friends thinking how lucky I was.

There’s that word again – lucky.

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Accessing Your Files

We always value what our customers think. We have had some feedback regarding our previous e-mail in relation to how we now send files. Please read below to hopefully make things clearer for you all.

At Express Medicals, we’ve changed the way our customers access their files. This has been done to ensure only approved personnel can access your company’s confidential information.

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