I know which medical I need

How do I book?

Find your nearest clinic at expressmedicals.co.uk/clinics and then ring us direct on 0207 500 6900 or request a booking online at www.expressmedicals.co.uk/online-booking/.

How quickly can you see me?

We can usually see you within 24 hours – we know your medical’s really important.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours vary depending on which clinic you’re visiting. Check our website or ask our friendly booking team.

How long will my assessment take?

Assessments can take between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on the type of assessment e.g. drugs & alcohol test, blood test, Network Rail medical etc.

Will I be ok to work afterwards?

Most of our assessments are simple and straightforward: you’ll generally feel physically fine after your assessment.

Who will I see?

You’ll be seen by either one of our nurses or doctors, depending on the type of assessment you’re booked in for. All our staff are in-house, so you can be sure they’re fully qualified and highly trained.

Is there parking onsite?

Most of our clinics have free on-site parking: please check when you book your appointment.