Express Wellness for C-suite and senior leaders

Have you tried to work through the wealth of well-meaning online advice from a range of sources about mental health strategies for business people for 2020’s various challenges?

Let us help you.

We’ve increased our range of corporate counselling and business psychology services for senior executives who need to:

  • focus on the day-to-day while planning for the longer-term
  • help colleagues readjust their horizons and reframe their ways of working
  • manage returning staff and possible redundancies after furlough
  • meet the needs of multiple stakeholders looking for answers when nothing’s certain.

Our long-term partner and business psychologist Sue Firth is an author and broadcaster specialising in building resilience for those in senior management roles.

Sue’s developed a two module programme specifically for Express Medicals’ clients.

Part One

‘Building Resilience during Lockdown – adapting to the new normal’

  • an interactive two-hour webinar with 30-minute Q&A

A session to explore how lockdown makes us feel and why. Managers can find it takes time to adapt because it can be stressful handling your own reactions as leaders while helping/supporting others who may be struggling with some of the process. The future is uncertain and, in many cases, businesses will have to change shape to become leaner or more flexible to survive. Uncertainty regarding how to return employees from furlough and when this will all end, contribute to a rollercoaster of emotions.

Adapting to this tricky time, can be achieved, but working in a highly charged and emotional environment, is putting many leaders under pressure. This workshop discusses how to handle these feelings, provides tips and tools to cope with the stress, and how to develop resilience to cope with the changes.

Topics covered include:

Reactions to lockdown: The rollercoaster of emotions and why this happens

Our comfort zones: what they are for, why we like them and what we’re struggling with during this process

The 4 stages businesses will go through in reacting to lockdown and how to handle adapting to each

Tips and tools to cope with your own stress and that of your team

Part Two

One to one sessions. Sue works with CEOs and senior staff in a number of national and international companies. She is available to offer private and confidential advice and support sessions.  

If you’d like to find out more about our counselling and wellness offers, please ring our Account Managers on 0207 500 6900, option 4, or email us at

Yours faithfully

Rory Evans

Commercial Manager