Drugs and alcohol: How safe do you feel?

At Express Medicals, we believe in prevention, rather than cure.

When it comes to threats to our safety, what comes to mind? Is it natural disasters, terror, crossing the road?

We often fail to consider what’s on our doorstep as we go on with our daily lives and work routine.

Reports tell us that increasing numbers of people are turning to self-medication to deal with increasingly stressful lifestyles. Demanding social activities, work, family, bad news, pressure, all of which, over time, can lead to a downwards spiral of behavior. This lastly may result in drug or alcohol use as a coping mechanism.

Head teacher coping stress with drugs & alcohol

In this month’s news, 48-year old head teacher Iain Gilmour was banned from driving. Thus, he got fined by the police due to overstepping the legal drink-drive limit, and possessing cocaine. His defense? He told Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court he had been under ‘constant’ political and financial pressure at Isambard Brunel Junior School.

The issues raised above, led this teacher to abuse alcohol and drugs. He harmed himself and others around him.

Our solution

At Express Medicals we offer drug and alcohol tests, medicals and health review assessments. All to ensure employees under stress won’t become a danger to the public, their peers or the wider community.

As this month’s case shows, drug and alcohol issues can affect anyone. Your nanny, the pilot responsible for 500 passengers, rail drivers getting us to work daily, or a surgeon.

It’s easy to deny the potential for problems at work. Yet, more and more clients are turning to Express Medicals for health screenings. Our fully trained healthcare professionals are ready to help tackle such issues. This furthermore may help saving you your job, well being, and maintaining the safety of others and loved ones.