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How do I book?

You can request a booking online via our website, where you can also find the locations of our UK network of 15 clinics.

You can also email, or if you would like to speak to someone you can ring us on 0207 500 6900 and choose the option “to make a booking”.

How quickly can you see me?

We can usually see you within 24 hours – we know your medical is really important.

What are your opening hours?

Opening hours vary depending on which clinic you are visiting. Check our website or ask our friendly Customer Support Team.

How long will my assessment take?

Assessments can take between 10 minutes and an hour, depending on the type of assessment e.g. drugs & alcohol test, blood test, Network Rail medical etc.

Will I be ok to work afterwards?

Most of our assessments are simple and straightforward: you’ll generally feel physically fine after your assessment.

Is there parking onsite?

Most of our clinics have free on-site parking: please check when you book your appointment.

What is the purpose of my appointment?

Express Medicals Ltd is an Occupational Health (OH) service, usually providing services on the instruction of your employer.  The aim of OH is to assist employers in supporting their workforce to improve and maintain their health, safety, wellbeing and attendance at work.

Why have I been referred?

This may be due to a number of reasons, for example: Assessing medical fitness for work, drug and alcohol testing, assessing fitness to return to work after sickness absence. Your employer should normally have discussed the purpose of the referral with you pre-referral.  If you have any queries regarding the referral then you should discuss this with your line manager.

What will happen when I arrive for my appointment?

You will be greeted by a receptionist and you may then be asked to complete any appropriate paperwork. You will then be seen by a member of the clinical team.  Depending upon the type of assessment you are booked for you may be seen by a doctor, nurse, technician or a drug and alcohol collection officer.  He/she will introduce him/herself to you and explain the purpose of the assessment and what the assessment includes. Photographic ID is required for all types of assessment.

What shall I bring to the appointment?

As well as a suitable form of photographic ID and your National Insurance number, please also bring a list of any medication you are currently on.  If you wear glasses or lenses, please bring them with you.  If you have a known medical condition/s it may also be helpful to bring along any recent correspondence from your doctor/specialist.

Specifically for train driver assessments, please bring your optician prescription.

Specifically for train driver assessments, please bring your optician prescription.

Will Express Medicals write to my doctor/specialist for information?

If the health professional who conducts your appointment believes that a report is required, the reasons for this will be discussed with you and a request made only with your informed written consent.  Your right to read any such report will be explained to you at this time.

Who will see my medical records?

Records of your assessments with Express Medicals Ltd will be retained securely by us.  Your employer will not have access to these records – we will release to them a summary report stating your fitness, or otherwise, to fulfil your role.  Details of your records will only be released with your permission or, in exceptional circumstances, as a legal or ethical requirement.

How can I gain access to my records?

In order to obtain a copy of your records please contact our Data Protection Officer,  Under the Data Protection Act 2018 we are obliged to respond to your request within 30 days.

What if I cannot make it to my appointment?

If you are unable to attend please inform your employer as soon as possible. Another appointment may be rescheduled for you.

If you are attending for a management referral, the following applies

1.What will be said in the report to my employer/manager?

Following your assessment, a report will be forwarded to your employer/manager. The contents will be discussed with you at the time of your appointment. This may include likely duration of sickness absence, the day to day effect of any permanent or short-term disability and subsequence advice on restrictions to normal duties, which may enable an earlier return to work and rehabilitation.  Please note that any restrictions/changes to your work are for recommendation only and need to be discussed with Human Resources prior to any change being implemented.

2. Can I have a copy of the report?

Yes, you can opt to receive copies of your report either prior to it being sent to your employer, or at the same time as it is received by your employer.  These options form part of the consent form.

3. What if I do not wish to attend my appointment?

Without guidance from an OH service your manager/employer may make decisions regarding your ongoing employment based only on the information available to them.  It is therefore in your interest to attend the appointment.