Medicals for industry and business

Employers have an increasing responsibility to meet ever-changing legislative requirements designed to ensure the safety, health and well-being of their workforce.

Staying compliant with directives, standards and regulations means providing the proper medical surveillance, testing, screening and vaccinations to ensure your workforce's health is maintained and protected.

It can be a time consuming and complex task, which is why more and more companies are turning to work health experts such as Express Medicals to oversee the medical processes required to meet their employee health obligations.

Pre-employment / Pre-placement medicals and questionnaires

Express Medicals provides tailor-made medical examinations and questionnaires that are designed to gather the critical information about an individual's health, in accordance with the Equality Act, as part of a company's recruitment process.

Job and task specific medicals

Every job role presents potential health risks to employees. Medical examinations provided by Express Medicals will ensure problems such as skin irritation, hearing loss or hand arm vibration syndrome are identified as soon as possible - for fast rectification - whether an employee is on-site, office based or out on the road.

Night-shift workers

The European Directive on Working Time Regulations 1998 dictates that an employer is legally obliged to provide free health assessments at regular intervals for staff working night-shifts. Express Medicals manages the paperwork and appointment scheduling necessary to ensure these standards and requirements are upheld, so that your business and workforce is safe-guarded.

Executive Medicals

Express Medicals offers executive medicals to meet your company's needs. We offer two types of medical for management. Our Executive Medical involves a health a questionnaire and medical. Our Premier Executive Medical is an hour long medical including blood tests, an in-depth questionnaire and medical. Individuals will have an opportunity to speak to the doctor about any potential health concerns and a full report is sent after the medical.

Management Referrals

Employees with extended/frequent periods of sickness absence or with specific health problems which are impacting on their ability to safely undertake duties, should be referred to Express Medicals for an independent expert medical opinion.

Critical or niche working roles

Express Medicals is an accredited work health company that is experienced in providing employers with the critical and niche medical services required for staff. E.g.:-

  • working in confined spaces
  • that may use breathing apparatus
  • who require HGV, LGV, PCV, Crane and Forklift Truck Driver licences
  • working At Height or with Tower Cranes
  • employed in the UK and Norwegian oil and gas sectors.


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