Drug and Alcohol Services

Not only are drug and alcohol-related problems responsible for millions of lost work days per year, they are also involved in up to 60% of all fatal work-related accidents.

Businesses that employ Express Medicals to carry out drug and alcohol testing are taking the most proactive stance possible.

Furthermore, our advice, consultancy and workshop services ensure you have the right drug and alcohol policy for your business. We'll guide you to make sure your policy is communicated effectively across your workforce, whilst rules and regulations are properly adhered to.

Testing - simple, easy and reliable

Specimens for drug and alcohol testing are collected by our team of doctors, nurses and specially trained collectors.

Urine, oral fluid, or hair testing services are all available.

Our first-class drug and alcohol services are robustly supported by the world-class science of LGC Forensics who process and analyse the collected samples. Specimens are turned round in the laboratory very quickly and the results are scientifically reliable.

Samples can be collected when and where you need them so that business can carry on with the minimum of interruption.

We offer:

  • Clinics that are situated across the country
  • UK-wide on-site service
  • Same-day appointments
  • Reliable results turned around rapidly
  • Pre-employment, pre-appointment, periodic, random unannounced and for cause/post-incident testing - the latter within two hours

We also provide a range of supporting services including advice about drug and alcohol policies and an expert witness service. Testing protocols are available to meet the requirements of different sectors and/or according to any individual company's needs.

Instant drug testing kits (POCTs or point-of-care testing kits) are also available. We can support management in the introduction of a drug and alcohol policy to optimise its effectiveness across the workforce.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing


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